DIy bar's brothers

Jason Gorske DIY BAR

Jason gorske 

The elder, and some would say wiser (because older brothers usually are), Jason Gorske brings a crafty mind and lifetime of experience to the table. From a young age, he learned to use his hands to create works of art and continues to do so today.

Relationships and being organized are important to him. They radiate through the way he approaches his day-to-day, personal, and business life.  When you absolutely love what you do, it doesn’t feel like work.  

Adam Gorske DIY BAR

Adam gorske 

Brother number two. Due to his date of birth, not parent’s preference, Adam Gorske is there to serve you and the people around you. He grew up writing letters to Santa to take him away so he could become an elf. No joke. His dream has finally come true and now he gets to help people build stuff all day.

Community and people are important to him so we put him in charge of bringing everyone together and making sure they’re happy while at DIY Bar. He has a background in hugging trees and bears. Ergo, he keeps us in check with what’s good for Mother Earth.