DIY Portland

Portland is full of crafty people. A casual jaunt through the city's streets will expose you to some fascinating things: double decker bicycles, public art installations, little free libraries, and the quaintest of gardens. These are usually put together by folks who have had their hand at a certain trade for a while; be it welding, carpentry, or gardening. All of these take time to master.

But fear not! You may fall into the (not so crafty) category. This means you have more potential. More potential to learn; to use your hands, mind, body, and soul to make beautiful (or not so beautiful) things. That's what DIY is all about. It's about looking back on something and feeling that sense of accomplishment. Knowing what it took to get whatever it was, to whatever it is. We hope to share that feeling with you.

In the mean time you should exercise those muscles by visiting some of our Portland Made friends.



Imagine a place where you could learn, or do: woodworking, metalworking, screen printing, 3D printing, sewing and jewelry making all under one roof. Well, that place exists and it's called ADX (Art Design Portland). Members have access to all of the tools needed to build and outfit a village. A very nice village at that! All you need to do is know how to use the tools (which ADX does a very good job of doing) and bring in your materials. Not only could you build a village, you could build something, like... a bar. And that's exactly what we're doing!

Klum House

Klum House

Sewing is an invaluable skill to have. Once you learn a few tricks, you will never look at garments the same. You’ll be able to transform a thrift store find into something that fits you perfectly. No more hours wasted at the gym! In life fashion is first, and Klum House will help you become fashionable, or more fashionable. Klum House will equip you with the some essential sewing skills. You’ll walk in with nothing (well, maybe some clothes on), and out with a canvas bag, backpack, apron, or another goodie you made with your own hands! Check out their calendar to see what you can make next.

Tool Library

Tool Libraries

Sharing is caring, and tool libraries are exactly what they sound like! They are a place you can rent tools from. I highly recommend supporting them through fiscal means or time when you become a member, but otherwise the tools are free to rent! They have a wide variety from power tools to hand tools to gardening tools. Portland is fortunate to have four: North, Northeast, Southeast, and Lents. Check their websites before venturing to them because their hours are limited.