Neighborhood Treats

The more we visit our new neighborhood, the more treats we find. These mostly come in the form of new(er) cafes, restaurants, and bars. If you happen to find some treats on the street we do not recommend eating them. You've read Hansel and Gretel, right? Just don't do it!

We do however recommend checking out these sweet digs in our neighborhood. If you have a free day, this would be the best way to spend it.



Bread & Honey Cafe

Start your day off right. Bread & Honey Cafe serves delicious savory items baked and cooked to perfection, along with fresh brewed coffee. One of our favorite things is their savory empanadas. They're flaky, and crispy, and ohhh sooo good! 


Kayo's Ramen Bar

Nothing warms up the soul like a bowl of Ramen in the winter months. Get your slurp on at Kayo's Ramen Bar. The presentation is beautiful and the food is even better. They have traditional style ramen along with a spin of their own. Oishiidesune! (Delicious!) 


What's the Scoop?

Yes, it is winter, but you're going to be so toasty from ramen you're going to need to equalize. What's the Scoop? has the best selection of ice cream in town. If you're into the simple stuff they've got that. If you're into stranger things (the TV show is pretty good too), they've got you covered as well!



Support local business at a local business! Somethings has many of things crafted from local artists and artisans. If you want your home to feel (and smell) like home, stop in here!


The Box Social

When it's time to wind the day down, stop into The Box Social for your favorite cocktail(s). You will feel, oh, so sophisticated within these walls. It's sort of like drinking in an ivy league library without the pretentiousness (we have no idea what it's like drinking in an ivy league library, but we have imagination!)