let's have fun together

Everyone loves to craft! So we fill up quick. Book in advance to ensure you save a spot! Check the Project Menu for our current Craft + Sip Session offerings, or see below for our special classes.



Craft + Sip Sessions are our main squeeze, but we also offer a variety of special classes. We provide the tools, materials, and instructions for you to create a beautiful piece of art. The projects are self-guided, but if you get stuck there's Craft Tenders around to help out! 


Each project takes 1 - 3 hours. We ask that you arrive on time, or 30 minutes after the session starts. So, if you book for 3pm we ask you show up by 3:30pm.


Projects range from $29 for select projects during Happy Hour to $39 for all others. Drinks range from $5 for beer/cider to $7 for wine (save $1 on all drinks during happy hour).  See our Project Menu for a list of all projects and prices! 

Gratuity is not included (18% - 20% is recommended)


  • A reservation is not a pre-paid ticket. You will pay for everything at the end of the session! We verify your card to save your spot.
  • Folks under 21 are allowed to attend!
  • We have a 48 hour change / cancelation policy. Either reply to your reservation email, or call 503-477-6090 to cancel or change the number in your party. Please include the date, time, reservation name, along with what ever changes you need!
  • There is a $20 no show fee. So, if you have a reservation for 8, but only 6 show up, $40 will be added to the final bill. 
  • There is a 1 project purchase requirement for all reserved seats.
  • Questions on any of this? Please email reservations@diybar.co, or call 503-477-6090